Our cakes, are first covered with a delicious layer of ganache and then a thin layer of fondant.
Some flavours are not recommended for carved/3D cakes. Please contact us for further details.

Cake flavours:
Chocolate Mud- A moist, rich chocolate mud cake. (Great for carved/3D cakes)

White Chocolate Mud-  A sweet white chocolate mud cake. Great for a subtle change from chocolate mud.

"Rainbow" Cake-  A Tina's Cakery special Rainbow cake is flavoured with either a yummy vanilla white chocolate mud or white coconut mud. Very popular for childrens cake or anyone wanting to suprise there guests!

Orange & Poppy Seed- A light orange flavoured cake with poppyseeds.

Carrot and orange- A moist carrot cake with walnuts and just a hint of orange.

Ganache/Filling Flavours:

Milk/Dark/White Chocolate Ganache

Gourmet Ganache Range: 
(The following ganache flavours can be used only as filling and the cakes will be covered in either Milk/Dark/White Chocolate Ganache)

Caramel Ganache - A "mars bar" like caramel ganache very yummy paired with a chocolate mud cake!

Jaffa Ganache - A Dark chocolate ganache with an orange flavour burst.

Chilli Chocolate Ganache - A Dark chocolate ganache with a hint of chilli.