Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dirty 30!

Last week was my fiancée's birthday, he turned the big Three O! :)

I wanted to create him a birthday cake naturally! and this was the first cake I've completed from him in complete surprise! Hidden away behind closed cake room doors!
His only request was it had to be his favourite flavour banana cake with a milk chocolate ganache. Yum!

I had a couple of  different ideas for designs:   a pair of sneakers, loads of his favourite foods piled up. But in the end I went with a banana split cake! 

Everything is edible, the whip cream is just royal icing topped with a cute fondant cherry!
The owner of the restaurant we celebrated at had a worry when he came into the restaurant kitchen to see the "icecream" not in the freezer! :) teehee tricked them!

Heres a tiny picture of my partner cutting his cake with me watching on :)

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