Thursday, May 31, 2012

Noxus Noms - Cottontail Teemo!

Hey everyone, its another competition cake, yay!
It's no secret I'm a bit of a gamer girl and quite enjoy spending my time playing some video game (while I'm not making cakes of course!) So making cakes related to gaming is always super fun.

So this cake I created for the "Noxus Noms" League of Legends food competition. 
I decided to create a Cottontail Teemo as he's super cute and I wanted a bit of a challenge in making him stand up.
His is sculpted all from carrot cake and is supported with one central dowel, he is then covered in a white chocolate ganache and covered in a thin layer of fondant which has been texture and coloured.

Click the photo for a larger view! 

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