Friday, December 16, 2011

Baneling Cake

This was a bit of a last minute decision to create this cake. It is for the gaming company Blizzard Entertainment, they run a Blizzard Dessert contest each year and I decided to create a Baneling from their game Starcraft 2.

He is entirely created and sculpted out of Chocolate Mud cake and filled and covered in a green chocolate ganache, then covered in a thin layer of fondant and hand textured and airbrushed with food colours.

And some progress shots...


  1. This is fantastic. =] You should put little marines spread around it!

  2. I've never wanted a baneling so badly

  3. Would never have been so happy about a Baneling Drop in my Main! ;-)

    Absolutely OP baking skills!

  4. Awsome job Tina.

    Glad you are in the guild :p